Monday, January 21, 2008

On the Move

Well, "on the move" is what best describes me this week. So much so that it may be a lean blogging week. I've got a big group of teenagers coming over to the house today and therefore a sprint to the grocery store ...right now.

More later!...


I'm back, but I am doing that sighing thing and so I'm a bit concerned. I'll have to pace myself. Whenever I take a lot of deep breaths, throughout the day, I know I'm carrying a bit of a burden. This is just one of those weeks that I want to get through.

Today my son is whooping it up for his 18th birthday party. This is probably the last birthday party I will throw for my son. (When you're in college you create your own party scenes , as I recall). I tell this to my daughter Abby as a concession. We are spending the whole day shopping, cleaning, baking, running out to get the pizzas later, pouring soda, cleaning up again, and basically trying to cheerfully bear with it all. I'm happy he is celebrating. Really. I just happen to also feel "behind the eight ball". I feel like I'm running, and I'm way behind.

The next two days I'm trying to get through all the info I need for tax return forms and for the federal financial aid forms for colleges. I hate doing this kind of numbers work, organizing, filling out forms. But I'll feel so relieved when its done.

Then Thursday Alex and I fly out to visit a college down south. We return on Saturday night. I'll come home, flop in Bill's arms, and thank the Lord I won't have to think about doing college searches and filling out forms for our next child for another five years. That's the number of years between my two children. We never planned it that way- but oh how grateful I am that God paced me out a bit.

The one juicy tidbit of incentive I have this week is that I'm in the midst of reading three books. Waking the Dead by John Eldredge, Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott, and The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen (the book I won in that Jane Austen blog contest). I am sure that as I get the time to read, probably at night and then when I'm on the plane, that I will start to breathe slower, smile more, relax, and see a glorious world unfold before me. I'll be captivated by new ideas, tender thoughts, and words of encouragement that will take me onward.


twinklemom said...'s that time of season I think!

How are you enjoying Masterpiece Theater...Sigh...Wouldn't be nice if there was a Jane Austen Channel, 24/7

Kim S in SC said...

Have you read March by Geraldine Brooks, as in LIttle Women's March? You will have to read it if you haven't. Take care! Hope the birthday party and trip down south go well!

LAUREN at Faith Fuel- said...

I'm enjoying Masterpiece Theatre, but the adaptations are not that strong. Wait till we get to the new Sense and Sensibility. I can't wait for that!

Kim- Haven't read March yet, but I should. It's always a surprise what I'll be reading next, because it depends on what books I happen to come across when I'm browsing around!