Thursday, March 08, 2007

It's a winter morning, and I am tired of the cold and the snow and what doesn't grow well in the winter- and that's my spunk and my zeal for living. I can do the "live it up" thing in the spring and summer: put sunglasses on, sip ice cold lemonade, go barefoot, and sing crazy songs. But in the winter, the best I can do is get on my stairmaster, in the morning, and exercise for 20 minutes while I blast some gospel music in the background. That's a big accomplishment and a big improvement in my day. Whooeee. Wow. But to take it a step further, I can leave my house, go out into the ice cold weather, and try to smile at grumpy shoppers and try to feel connected to mankind somehow. It doesn't work that well. It was so much easier to be sweet and spunky, even in December, back when we lived in North Carolina for a year.

I long for the Son shine. I need HIS light in me. I need to get my zeal for living turned up to full blast. I need to go onward and upward- even though I feel like I'm just plodding along. I gotta rejoice in hope, be patient in trials, and continue on, praying and growing and sharing what bit I know about living in His light.....
(Romans 12)