Saturday, January 05, 2008

The Pioneer Girl Rides Again!

A scene from a movie came to my mind this morning. It was from the movie, Far and Away, starring Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise. Nicole, starring as Shannon, a feisty, wealthy, young Irish woman climbs up and crawls through the window of Joseph's room (Tom Cruise), whispering his name, "Boy! Boy!"

She's ready to run away with him as her escort and go to America in search of land, excitement, and freedom. It's the late 1800's and the time of the Oklahoma land rush. The fact that she barely makes it crawling through his window and flopping unceremoniously on the floor in a heap, is no problem to her. She quickly gets up, rights herself, and declares her mission. Her eyes are set on going to a promised land.

I am that woman. Well, not Irish or wealthy, but I am feisty and I am determined. I also land in a heap a lot, but I always get up. I don't have time to stay down for long. My eyes are looking ahead, searching for something bigger than my bruised ego.

This morning over coffee on the couch, Bill and I zeroed in on our dreams again. Harry kept trying to climb up on the couch to sit on my lap, and finally we let him snuggle in next to me, even if it meant my coffee might get knocked out of my hands by his constant peering out of the window. You never know when you'll see the flock of wild turkeys traversing across our back yard. They have grown in confidence and rarely flinch now when they see Harry let out. They know he is on a chain and can't reach them. They act like peacocks now- proud and priggish over their inaccessibility.

As we were talking, this is when the scene from the movie came to my mind. I saw this scene just as Bill shared this: "Back in the days when this country was being formed, when the West was unexplored and not wide open yet- would we have been one of those pioneer families taking the risk and searching for their new home in that wild west?"

I didn't answer him right away. I was thinking about myself, crawling through the window of a determined boy's room who would escort me to America- to that wild place of open doors and wide open places. I saw myself falling in a heap on the floor and giving that no mind. I have fallen before. I saw myself get up, and tell the boy that I had a plan, a way for him to get to America if he would escort me. I saw myself with my eyes flashing in excitement because I had this plan. I had made up my mind that I was going; that I was leaving my familiar place and risking it all to go into the unknown.

I didn't directly answer my husband's question, except to tell him that I know for certain we used to be like that- risk takers, rule breakers .... pioneers. Then I told him I wanted to be like that, again. I'm willing to fall in a heap but quickly get up because I have a reason to.

That's all I can tell you for now. Oh, and one more thing. I was a pioneer girl. I'm preparing to get on my horse and ride again ... into that great unknown.

I'll tell you more as the dream unfolds.


twinklemom said...

R.I.S.K.!!! That's all I can say! Lol,it's great that we have an awesome God that just wants the very best of us and believes in us!

Angie said...

Venturing into the unknown...that used to be scary to me, now it sounds more exhilerating, esp when I know God goes before me and prepares the way.

Marie said...

I was a pioneer girl too! I loved that program. My own children had AWANA's and I loved that program as well. I have always been a bit of a brave soul and had a great spirit of adventure. That's probably why I am sitting in the kitchen of a rural cottage in the wilds of England right now typing this. I have always trusted my Heavenly Father to guide me and keep me safe. He's never let me down. I say go with prayer and you can't go wrong. HE knows where you need to be.

LAUREN at Faith Fuel- said...

I think we have a lot of pioneer girls here!

Patti Blount said...

I really like your spunk and sense of adventure. I know that you and your husband's dreams and risks are your own, but wouldn't it be fun, with him being the pastor and you being "the wife" to put a sign on the church door one Sunday that says, "Church closed today. Seek the Lord with your families. Report on your experience next week." Whoa!!!!!! Now that's a risk. I do take risks similar to this, in that I am very uncoventional, believing that the creative God imparts to us His own creativity and wants us to let Him express Himself through us in other ways than the traditionally boring ways. Problem is most people are uncomfortable with that, but I still do the things I believe God tells me to do anyway. He is an exciting God, and His ways are truly adventurous, and, yes very risky.

LAUREN at Faith Fuel- said...

My husband isn't pastoring anymore- but we do love to encourage people to seek the Lord!
I love the way you call Him "the creative God" because He is sooo the creative and life changing God that calls us into adventure-with Him at our side.