Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I will get to part two of my last post in a couple days but something has come up. Over at
there is an announcement of a writing contest. Lysa is inviting her readers to post on their own blog their favorite post (a previously written one or new one) and the winner will have their article (post) published in the Proverbs 31 magazine.

I'm thinking of entering. I'm considering all my older posts, considering what Proverbs 31 magazine centers in on, and wondering which post I should enter? I may just write a new post.

Your comments freely welcomed. (Anyone have a favorite post of all my many ramblings and rantings?!) Otherwise I will just pick one of my favorite posts (having to do with a favorite topic)- or write a NEW one- and post it here by tomorrow for consideration by the Proverbs 31 Ministry.

I'll get back to my regular posting by Saturday or Monday next week.


Dean Bradford said...
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Dean Bradford said...

I wish you well on this writing contest. I am too new to enter myself. Just getting around blogging at the moment.