Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Don't Forget

Yesterday, September 11th, was a day we don't want to remember, but we can't forget.
It certainly isn't a day that builds faith, as it appears. It was a day when heroes were made that didn't want to be, but had to be; and a day when grief, darkness, and blood seemed to cover the city. And I wasn't even there- I only watched by television.

Today, the sun is out, and I could forget that sometimes evil temporarily prevails. I could forget how some still suffer longing and loneliness because of those they lost. Lost loved ones and lost dreams are the things that shake us to our soul. What can overcome such darkness?

"But may they who love You be like the sun when it rises in full strength" says Judges 5:31b.

We will arise. All those bowed down can rise up with wings as eagles, as it says in Isaiah. The sun comes out. And the Son can never be hidden- even in darkness- for He has overcome the world. We shall too.

There's something about becoming a warrior, when you didn't intend to- I think that's when you really start to live.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

My School

It's the first day of school.My two kids are off, and the house is quiet. I'm chomping at the bit to explore, sift through some thoughts and dreams I have, and contemplate where I'm at. I'm full of thoughts and ideas.

I love Barbara Sher's interpretation of the gifted, multi-faceted learner she calls a Scanner. She looks at this type of person as someone who soaks up all the wonderful things the world has to offer. I understand completely when she says in her book Refuse to Choose, "I just loved learning and wanted to keep on doing it."

1 Peter 1:13 begins with "prepare your minds for action..." I'm preparing, alright.

I'm fueled up, ready to explore and expand my borders. Barbara concludes her intro with this:

"I can't wait to see what you will do with that lovely brain of yours once the gates are thrown open and you're finally free to stretch out to your full speed and explore this big world that you love so much."

Stretching out, gates thrown open, full speed- I like all those words. I feel like I'm off to the first day of school- but this is a new kind of school. This kind of school you get to learn, take chances, make mistakes (anybody remember Miss Frizzle?!)and explore to your heart's content.

This is My school- I'm the Principal, I'm the only student, and I'm even the teacher. My style of teaching is to say, when I'm asked a question (from myself)-

"I'm not sure of the answer, but boy are we going to have fun finding it out!"