Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Six QuirkyThings

Twinkle Mom at tagged me. And Marybeth of Cheaper by the Half Dozen also asked her readers to participate in this.

  • Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
  • Then I am supposed to tag six other people

  • This has come at a good time. I need a break from all my pondering and pilgrimaging (is that a word?!). Now, why anybody should care about what my quirks and habits are, I don't know. But here they are:

    1. Two of my nicknames growing up were Fluff and Butterball. No, I wasn't chubby. Actually I've always been pretty thin. But I love butter. Leave me on a desert island and give me three choices for food and I would choose: bread, butter, and ....hmmmm...steak. As far as the name, Fluff, it's because my Mom said I was so soft and quiet and cuddly. Try explaining that to my husband. He'll say "What happened to the soft and quiet part of you?!"

    2. When I walk with someone, I have a habit of sort of leaning and veering to my right and walking you right off the path we're on. It annoys my teenage son, particularly. It could be part of my inner ear-hearing problem, or it could be that I'm just naturally off kilter.

    3. I took clarinet lessons for a brief moment, guitar for a little longer, and piano for five years. But I've never had the privilege of someone like Mr. Darcy, of Pride and Prejudice, standing by me as I play the piano, talking with me in a low voice while innuendos filled the air. No, instead, I heard the sound of the kitchen sliding doors being slammed shut at my childhood home, every time I practised on the piano in the adjoining room. That should tell you how good I was.

    4. I have a thing about needing the right atmosphere when Bill and I do go out on a date. I don't want to be at big noisy place known for unlimited bread sticks. That just doesn't do anything for me. When it comes to choosing where we should go, he'll look at me and sigh and say, "I know, I know" just as I start with my age-old mantra: "I would rather have a pea at the Ritz than a feast at McDonalds".

    5. I have cold feet. All the time. (Except for maybe in the dead of summer).

    6. I kiss my dog on his nose and whisper to him he is the love of my life- when Bill is not in the room. Harry sighs with contentment when I do this because he knows it is utterly true.

    *Now, any one who has commented here in the month of January, please consider yourself tagged. If you find this kind of thing fun, then please comment here that you're participating in this. I'll be the first one to come over and read about your quirky behavior- now that you know about mine!


    twinklemom said...

    Heheheh...I do the same with my doxie...I try to make it non-obvious but he gives it away to my husband, when hubby tries to lay with us on the couch and the doxie starts growling at him....I'm letting them figure out whose head of the household and staying out of that one! Lol

    I loved the list and sorry about the type on the blog...FINALLY got the internet working this afternoon so I was able to fix it (I

    My problem with walking on paths is I'm a snail so I end up getting dragged by my husband or kids so you can hear a mile away, "MOMMY WALK FASTER". know how to keep us moms straight. LOL

    ~Robin said...

    ok, I'll do it-anything for the bloggy fans:)

    Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

    Okay I did it! :)

    Marlo Boux said...

    Love these little tid bits Lauren :) Cannot wait to learn/read more about you.