Monday, September 24, 2007

Repeat After Me: "Game On!"

I'm racing off to take one teen to the dentist for an x-ray after getting banged in the face on Saturday at a game, get him back to the soccer field (if the dentist says he is allowed to play), then race over to the school to see my daughter's first volleyball game this afternoon.

All this "game" urgency got me remembering something TD Jakes wrote in his book, Reposition Yourself: "We can use these experiences in which we're pushed to the wall to break through barriers and expand our playing field."

Just what all us mothers out there are dying to do- expand our playing field! As if we're not running enough, getting the ref's whistle blown at us (only in our case, it's a kid saying "Not fair, mom!"), and dying for a moment to sit on the bench and say as we gasp for air,"Let someone else take a turn."

But it's Game time. And our Life's hurdle today may be breaking through one tiny barrier of some kind.

Whatever it is, ...."game on".

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