Friday, September 07, 2007

And Immediately You're on Dry Land!

That's What Happens when you invite Jesus into your boat!

See my devotion over at Faith Lifts today:


Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Hello Lauren....

I’m delighted that you stopped by and left a comment for me, its great to meet a new fellow blogger.

I’m pleased that you have a love for the Cotswolds and Wales, I feel very passionate about both parts of the UK and as I still have family living in the Cotswolds, it still remains ‘home’ to me.

I feel truly blessed to be surrounded with such scenic beauty and I do count my blessing each and every day.

Yes, I do agree that Rosamonde Pilcher is a great writer, she is so descriptive and sets the scene perfectly. I have read many of her books, I tend to loose track of what I have read in fact, so I try to maintain a list in readiness for my visits to the library. Have you read ‘The Magic Apple Tree’ by Susan Hill. She writes about village life throughout the four seasons of the year - set in Oxfordshire, its quite delightful! Also by the same author ‘Spirit of the Cotswolds’ - gorgeous photography, you’d love it!

Have a blessed weekend. Marion

Angie said...

Looking forward to your next article. Keep up the good work! So nice to know you.


p.s. You have a beautiful family. God bless you!