Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Pajamas, Dirty socks and Hope

I went running off this morning, my hair sticking up all over, clad in my "bad kitty" pajama bottoms, no bra, and holding dirty soccer socks in my hand as I raced out the door to try to catch up with the school bus that my son was on. He needed the socks for his soccer game today. And they weren't even clean socks, but who cares? They'll get dirty within minutes, is my thinking. The thing is to get the socks to Alex and then race home before any hidden cameras catch me and I wind up on some Bloopers show, uncovered, discovered, in all my morning glory.

Both kids are doing well back at school, but my daughter is especially organized, prepared, and on top of everything. It is such a relief to have one child, at least, who is reminding YOU, and not the other way around, of what must be done next. I believe she will be an excellent wife- and really, "An excellent wife, who can find? For her worth is far above jewels." Proverbs 31:10. She helps me with my clothing choices and fusses over my appearance on those days when my theory of "a dab of lipstick will do ya" is not doing it for her!

Whether I look like a wreck does not concern me as much as whether I feel like a wreck. I have one sister who has polished her smile down to a science, knows how to face the camera in such a way as to get the best photo taken of herself, and rarely has a bad hair day. But I am not jealous of her. (At least, not jealous of that particular skill of hers).

I am a woman in need of inner peace above all else. If I feel at peace inside- even in bad circumstances- if I feel endowed with strength and I have regained some perspective that brighter days lay ahead, then I can run out the door looking like the wreck of the Hesperus,
and care not that my outer glory has so fallen. I look as young as I feel, I reason, and besides, hope is the great beautifier. It's the glory and the lifter of my head.

I open my car door and proudly walk inside my house, pajama bottoms and hair sticking out all over. I hope the world has seen me today- in all my glory!


Angie said...

Oh how I relate to this piece (with my kids and myself). Older daughter is the same way--younger son is just trying to keep up. With you, I pursue peace (Ps 34). Better a peaceful spirit and messy hair. Used to be the other way around for me. How did I ever do it?!

Anna said...

It's my hope that when I'm out in "all my glory" that somehow God can use me to reflect His. He IS a miracle worker, isn't he!