Monday, July 30, 2007

We Can All Shine

My husband and I and our two kids were invited over to my parents' house last night for a cook out. They had invited a gentleman that they had recently befriended. Over delicious corn on the cob from my brother's organic garden, my mom proceeds to tell this man about an episode of mine from my younger days. WHY she wanted to talk about an embarrassing moment of my youth, I don't know! You have to understand- my mom was an entertainer- and once an entertainer, ALWAYS an entertainer. I, on the other hand, was a very quiet child growing up, and that's why my Mom found it fascinating that one day, when I was about twelve, I invited my parents into the living room to hear me sing a song.

"Dim the lights"- I told them, trying to cast a smokey mood- and how I knew that a"smokey" atmosphere is what I needed, I don't know! I sang them a song- I think it was Killing Me Softly, or something romantic like that."What do you think?" I asked, when the song ended. They tried not to laugh at me, then, and "admiring" my vocal presentation they quickly returned to the kitchen to prepare supper.

That was years ago- and I mean years!- but they don't let me forget that I wanted my shot at stardom. But doesn't everybody want a chance to shine? Doesn't everybody want to belt out a song once in a while?

Trust me, I'm done trying to perform for people- but I do still sing for them. I am known for singing out silly lines from songs at my workshops I teach- in order to help women get the message. I'll do anything to convey a message of hope in this somewhat disturbing and delightful world we live in.

"Then our mouths were filled with laughter and our tongues with joyful songs. Then the nations said, "The LORD has done spectacular things for them." Psalms 162: 2.

Yes, God really has done spectacular things in my life, and I'm sure in yours too. I think I feel a song coming on!! Get the microphone ready!

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Renee Swope said...

Lauren, I used to stand on the stage at my daddy's restaurant when I was little and "perform" but I got down realy quick when it looked like they were opening the doors for business. I longed to shine on the stage but fear of rejection always kept me from letting my light shine. When God called me to HIS stage to speak on His behalf, I ran 10 years for fear that no one would listen or that they'd reject me for what He might have me share. I am so glad He finally convinced me to take the risk and make a fool of myself for HIM! Shine on girl, shine on!