Thursday, July 12, 2007

Give My Regards

Swimming lessons for my daughter, Abby, every morning; sunshine today and gentle breezes instead of oppressive humidity- this is summer, finally. And I'm hoping it's a summertime for my soul, as well. No more dark nights of the soul. I'm basking in the Son shine, and cultivating the soil for my dreams.

Here's my to do list, today: call Dad and finally do that Father's Day lunch I promised, get my teenage son to attend to all his tasks (including driving school, getting his license, so that I can have my gray hair every time he's out on the road!), pay bills-remembering to thank God that we are able to make a living), decide whether to sell this house and go to work on another fixer-upper. Why not make it move #23 or is it 24? I've lost track on the number of moves we've made. And I will write a book about that someday.

Feeling homesick for North Carolina- remembering our year down there, when we, like Abraham, "went out, not knowing where he was going".

I'm a New Yorker (upstate, upstate!)but I don't like who we are. We're rough and callous and cold, often. I don't want to fall back into those nasty patterns! I want to remember my southern terms, "bless her heart", and "see y'all" and the looks of grace that were so freely given.

Yesterday I met three truck drivers getting out of a moving van that had "Bridgeport, CT" on it. I called out "Hey! I remember Bridgeport! Thats where I was rushed to the hospital once." "How'd it turn out?" they asked. "My baby lived!!" I shouted with a grin. Abby was right next to me- my miracle baby.

"Give my regards to Bridgeport!" I shouted as they walked away with a smile.

Give my regards to anyone who's been kind and caring in this often dark world.

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