Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sabbath Rest for the Soul

It's Sunday, a day of rest. I've come home from Church, and I consider how I am not at rest about many things in my life: I am not at rest about my son's driving (can I be frank? he's a lousy driver! But he'll get there, I know), I am not at rest about the hopes and dreams I have and the colliding reality which threatens to taunt me daily.

I remember the words of that beautiful hymn-
I am resting, resting, resting,
in the joy of what Thou art,
I am finding out thy goodness
of thy loving heart

Such sweetness of truth for the soul. I need to rest in HIS goodness, His perspective of my life- of where I've been and where He's taking me.

There is a time to be at rest, because of what you see, in the here and now. And then there's a time of rest for what will be-in His "here and now"- His perspective.
I choose to be at rest today. If I have to augment that truth with an afternoon nap
(good luck to me!) and with a nice juicey session reading a beautiful cook book (this gets my creative juices going) then so be it.

I am finding out the goodness of His loving heart.


Lisa ! said...

Oh Lauren--
You said the 4 LETTER word: "REST"!
Even our MIGHTY and POWERFUL God of the universe took a REST.
I , like you, sometimes do NOT have a REAL grip on what REST really means....I struggle with you,sister. Every week David , my husband & I vow to REST on Sunday. We always have the best intentions...but something always comes up. Your blog today has called me to refocus and set a true vision of REST.

By the way...I love the word you coined: "FAITHFUEL"--Wow what a message in one word! It really speaks volumes to me.
Thank you for sharing your site, your thoughts and your have a beautiful smile!
May the Lord provide your REST and renewal always.
In His Amazing Grace,

"Praise be to the Name of GOD for ever and ever!!
Wisdom and Power are His.
Daniel 2:20 NIV
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Gabie said...

I have found Jesus to be my Rest. I rest in the fact that HE has it all under control. I rest in the fact that even while I was a sinner, He died for me. I rest in His unchangeable character. I rest in His promises and His discipline. Jesus said, follow me and I will guide you always. I will lead you by still waters and there will always be place of rest in green pastures for you. I am your Shepherd, your Light, Your True Sabbath. love you Lauren, Gabie