Sunday, February 01, 2009

What Would You Do Next?

I actually think I am getting younger. At least I feel like I am getting younger. This must be what it's like to let years of junk roll off you as you slip into a new skin that is fresh, soft- yet not so soft that it is tragically hurt all the time. There's a certain resiliency you need along with tenderness and compassion.

I've been watching the American Idol tryouts on television. Aside from the TV producer's need to focus in on strangely untalented people, there are times when they highlight someone with a real voice, with a real story of having to overcome to get where they are. These fresh new voices stir me. Their story stirs me. I tear up. Abby pokes me and says, "Mom, you're not crying, are you?" I am. I am often tearing up at someone who is stepping into the light and singing and shining. I feel excited for their future.

Call me sentimental. Or call me youthful. Cause that's what young people often feel: optimistic and hopeful and alive. I think us "old folk" can also feel this too- but we have to let the spring breezes of God flow into our lives for that to happen.

So if springtime were to come early this year- real early- and you were feeling full of hope and alive and young, what would you do next? Because it may be that while winter rages on and the ice has not melted, there are aspects of Spring that are touching us. God is Someone who is big on New Life. It's surging within us. And the bold and the crazy and the tender hearted children who know their heavenly Father are ready to frolic.


Angie said...

Surely this is part of the reason Jesus didn't want to forbid the children from coming to Himself. I love these words>>we have to let the spring breezes of God flow into our lives for that to happen.

The older I get, the greater potential I feel inside of me. It's a good thing.

I mentioned/thought of you in my post today. Wish you could have been with me the other night. You would have loved it!

LAUREN at Faith Fuel said...

I'm on my way over to "see" you now!

~Robin said...

beautiful, heart-warming thoughts Lauren:)

lisalyn said...

I also love the stories on American Idol. It opens up our lives to other real people out there. I find myself feeling tears also as I hear the heartbreak and struggle these people have gone through.
It is refreshing to see hope in people.