Saturday, January 31, 2009

All Quiet on the Home Front

There was actually some sunshine today, believe it or not. The great Northeast is still cold and snowing on and off and there's ice everywhere...but there was also some sunshine. Thank God.

That's my big celebration for today: the fact that the sun came out. So instead of me playing the part of Annie and singing, "The sun'll come out tomorrow..." I can sing that it came out today. But it's better if I just tell you this news- and not sing it. Everyone is much happier if I stick to writing my thoughts and not singing them!

There's no earth shattering news today other than my little weather report. But I expect I will have more things to share in the months to come. For now, it's quiet at home base. Sometimes it's nice just to let people know that you are well, of sound mind, stable, and at peace. In this world, that's a lot.

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B.R. said...

Yes! it is alot - I find myself agreeing and thinking goodness and inner joy should be recorded and recognized as much as disasters and trouble are - It would leave us with many more bubbles of happy times to look upon when the "bad" weather sets in.