Monday, February 23, 2009

Just a Thought on a Cold Winter Day

This has been one heck of a winter: brutally cold, icy, stormy, windy, gray. Nobody I'm talking to is living it up in the winter time. What we're doing is surviving, making it through the winter. And I suppose that's okay. Sometimes its good to make it through a season of life and not necessarily love and enjoy the season you're in.

What I do love about right now is that Spring time is just ahead. Buy some yellow flowers at the store and plunk them on your counter and stare at them. Remember the color of Spring. Remember the feel of warm breezes. Or if you're living in a tropical environment, as you're reading this- send us some warm thoughts and lift up some heated prayers on our behalf!



Mike said...

I sympathise. I bought some daffs last week and it really lifted my spirits. Roll on Spring!!
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LAUREN at Faith Fuel said...

I was going to ask "What in the world are daffs?!" (because I thought it was an English expression) and then I realized you meant daffodils! :)