Friday, January 23, 2009

I Found Gold!

Just a little something, today- but I found this verse (Ps. 34:8) worded beautifully in the Contemporary English Version and had to share it.

8 Discover for yourself

that the LORD is kind.

Come to him for protection,

and you will be glad.

That's the word that describes my journey lately. It's been one of discovery. I am discovering things about myself in light of what I am discovering about God. I have discovered, or you could also say found, that the Lord really is kind. If anyone is compassionate and full of mercy and grace, it's Him.

It's just that we have to discover that for our self- no one can discover it for us.

Think of it as gold in the ground. It's worth every effort to discover the treasure hidden from sight!

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Leslie said...

I'm diggin', I'm diggin'!