Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!!

What can I say? When you party with Harry, you have to get ready for a rip roaring fiesta. Our New Year's Eve celebration was as wild as Harry is.

Our soon-to-be-nineteen-year old son, Alex, decided he wanted to stay home and be with family on New Year's Eve, instead of going out with friends. I should be touched, but honestly, look at this dog and tell me you would choose to be anywhere else but with him?!

He is the apple of our eye, the heartbeat of our home, the popcorn-eating fur ball that makes our house a home. So of course we are going to have our New Year's Eve celebration with him.

New Year's Eve is one of Harry's favorite holidays. He expects to wear a party hat. And in this case, we had the paper crowns left over from the Christmas crackers we opened on Christmas Day. We all put them on, but of course, we only took pictures of Harry wearing his. Photographer Alex went to work capturing Harry's essence and as the photo shoot went on, we got the idea that Harry wanted to communicate a message.
Harry would like to share some New Year's advice for you all, based on his perspective of being loved and adored. Here it is:

1)Let people love you and take pictures of you if they think you are adorable, cause you can't help it if you're cute.

2)Remember to party and celebrate anytime people around you want to- even if it's only over a tiny little victory. A little victory is better than no victory at all.

3)Don't be afraid to put on a party hat, when asked to.

And if the party hat slips over your eyes, obscuring your view, it makes no difference. Use your nose to find your way out of darkness and into the light. Feel your way forward, even if you can't see where you are going. Seeing is not always believing, anyhow.

4)And remember, you are royalty- no matter how you feel. Your crown may be a paper one, but it's still golden. And so are you. So shine.

5)And after shining, Harry recommends that you take a nap. It helps to restore your internal brilliance.

Happy New Year- from our house to yours!


B.R. said...

very cute. What a wise dog!!


~Robin said...

internal brilliance-love that!

Mike said...

Thanks Harry. A Happy New Year to you all!