Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Inquiring Hearts Want to Know...His Love

Remember that old 1980's TV ad, "Inquiring Minds want to know"? Well, they still do. This mind- mine- especially. I almost can see the Lord shaking His head and saying with wonder, "This child can't get enough of My answers." The problem is, the Lord isn't saying this with a smile, really. It's more of a pained look on His face because I'm after what He holds in His hands, rather than what He holds in His heart for me.

Yesterday was stressful. I won't go into everything, but the day ended with me deciding to take a prayer walk. I brought my daughter with me, and we walked vigorously up and down the street in front of the town library, talking, praying, walking. We had not quite finished when all of a sudden the skies opened and down came the rain. We raced to the car parked in the library parking lot where we had earlier returned a DVD. I drove out of the library on the curbed, winding road and managed to hit the curb,popping my tire. I parked the car in the library parking lot again, called my husband, and watched as the rain gushed down even more.

Bill arrived, jacked up the car, put on the spare tire- all in the pouring rain. Then, within minutes, he was done, and we both drove home. He's a good man. It was a long day. And that flat tire was the easiest part of my day. It was fixable. (At least for my husband, it was). There are other big issues in my life that cannot be remedied that quickly.

That flat tire let me know that some things can be taken care of rather quickly. Some problems end within minutes of occurring. And some problems are with us a long time. But longer than that is His grace for us, His love and compassion. It's higher than the heavens, deeper than the ocean. And God is inviting me to explore this vast realm of His love. He says its far better for me to explore the wonders of His love for me than for my inquiring mind to seek out answers.


Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

You know what I really like that. I have been having a few inquiring thoughts lately and have been reminded to just rest in the wonder of God's love. Good post.
Much love,

Angie said...


It sounds like you're in a good place, spiritually speaking. You know, once I settle down on days like that I realize I'd rather have peace than understanding. His ways are so much higher than ours. Our finite minds can't figure it all out sometimes. Better to rest in His love. Such wisdom in your words.


Kim S in SC said...

I have a student, who I adore by the way, but he constantly asks and asks and asks questions. It almost gets me into silly giggles when he leaves. He asks me a question and then repeats the question with the ever so slight change. Your post reminds me of this. And I wonder if I sometimes sound like my student/friend when I continue to ask, or re-phrase. Aww, but how wonderful to have a God who adores us and wants us to ask (and wait and listen). I pray that you will be saturated with HIS peace even as you walk in His downpour.
Next time you prayer walk, give me a holler and I'll prayer walk with you, albeit in another state. :)

LAUREN at Faith Fuel said...

All prayer walkers, unite! (And prepare for obstacles along the way. But they're tiny in comparison to the answers to prayer that are ahead!)