Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

This is just a quick shout-out to all my friends far and wide, near and dear. I have so much to share but for now can only take a minute to pause here, on this New Year's Eve and look at my life, look at my world, treasure the good memories, be glad that the bad ones are over, and step expectantly into the New Year with you all.

We go to bed tonight (well, the riotous ones will party all night, but I'll be snoozing by 12:02 I'm sure) and we wake up in a whole New Year. Amazing, isn't it?

So as I head off to bake some goodies for a party tonight at a friend's house, I'll be thinking of the wonders that lie ahead, the grace of God that will see me through another year, and the joy of the journey. (I hope I don't get too deep in thought or I'll burn whatever I've put in the oven.)

I'll probably be belting out the words to Nessun Dorma, attempting to hit the high notes, and thinking of you all ...because nobody shall sleep tonight.


Mike said...

ha ha Love that aria! Happy new year to you!

Spirited Strider said...

Happy New Year to you, too, Lauren! Wishing you all the wellness and JOY for 2011! Warmly, Barbara

LAUREN at Faith Fuel said...

Hey Mike! and Spirited- long time, no see!
May 2011 be full of joy and peace and great fulfillment!