Thursday, December 09, 2010

Christmas Gifts for the Taking

Anyone having a tough time finding the right gift for someone? Financial problems keeping you from giving freely? Need some creative Gift Giving Ideas?

Well, welcome to my Boutique of Gift Ideas- all from the heart and not from the wallet:

1. One sixty minute counseling session. I'm serious about this: therapy is not cheap, and everyone has problems they need to work through (some of us more than others). Now remember, the best counseling is the quiet kind- where your mouth is shut, your heart is open and so are your ears. This kind of gift would involve you letting someone talk, get it all out, and then giving them a very big hug at the end. I would love this gift. And actually I get it, almost every morning when my husband lets me get it all out over coffee. But I probably couldn't give this gift unless someone taped my mouth shut.

2.Decision Maker for the Day- Yes, this is a weird gift but there are some indecisive people out there who can't get through the day without asking, "Now, what do you think? Should I?" and so, in this case, you'd spend the day nodding and naying, advising, and selecting. This works best when you've got an Opinion Giver with an Opinion Needer. Seriously, some people want input and some of us (ahem) have a lot of input to give.

3.Feature them in a Story This works for kids- of all ages. Who doesn't want to star in a movie or be the main character in a book? This gift idea works great for all you creative people. If the gift is for a child, make them the hero of a little adventure story. If it's for an adult, depict them in the way you know they want to be seen: wise, strong, bold, or caring. It doesn't have to be a long story. But it's very doable to put together a descriptive account of someone shining in all their strengths. Especially if you know someone going through a hard time, write a story featuring them, show them rising to the occasion, and give it a triumphant ending. Let them know you see them for who they really are.


Linda McGinn Waterman said...

Thanks for the heads up. Great suggestions to add to my "7 Frugal Tips for Holiday Celebration" at Sounds like we have a lot in common. Just had a friend and New York fashion consultant spend a week with me, Dawn D.Totty. She is a New Yorker who married and moved to Nashville, TN four years ago. She'd probably love to connect with a follow New Yorker. You can google her. she does outstanding work!

LAUREN at Faith Fuel said...

Hey Linda! Oooh, I'd love to have a friend who is a fashion consultant. Actually, my daughter plays that role in my life!