Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ending Well

There's a ton of courses and books out there about how to start a business, start a new career, start a promising relationship. But there's so little that teaches us how to end well. No one wants to talk about endings anymore, other than how to get a divorce, how to file bankruptcy, or something sad or difficult like that.

But what about how to end a blog? Or how to end a career to start a new one? How do we do that? How do we learn how to end well? Like Job, who died when he was old and full of days, I want to know how to end well.

Let me tell you a few things about this blog. This has never been a highly trafficked blog. It's had bits and spurts of traffic, and its had lots of inquiries about advertising. I only added the advertisements you see here, recently, because it was part of a potential writing relationship that required my blog to be monetized and set up for advertising.

Sometimes I think people have wanted to have the success they thought I had here. I have maintained a rather healthy life span of over four years writing this blog- and I know that many blogs don't make it that long. I have enjoyed the comments and the questions from readers. I love to know what people are thinking, how they are feeling, what they are dealing with.

I started Faith Fuel because I really wanted to inspire and champion the spiritual and concrete dreams we all have. There are not enough people cheering each other on, in this world. There is a lack of camaraderie and fellowship and encouragement. We need more of this.

But Faith Fuel was also started as a way for me to put into words what I struggle with, in my journey of faith, and what I know many of us struggle with. We all have fears. We all have times of doubt, and sometimes long seasons where all is dry as dirt.

How do I end Faith Fuel? I'm not ever removing the blog from the web. It will always be here, I think. But I will be ending, soon, in a month or two, the daily and weekly postings. How do I end this well?

I'm not ending it because it is flawed or because it has failed. I don't think this blog ever had a plan to succeed, but more of a plan to just be. I'm ending this blog because it has come to the end of its life span, of its usefulness in your life and in my own.

I'm not ending this blog with sadness. There's a smile on my face. But its like the smile my Mom has on her sweet face. She is falling more and more. Her health is failing. She is frail. And she is strong. Her life creeps to a close here on earth but its bursting into life at the same time as she sets her sights on heaven.

I want to watch movies all the time, lately. Not sure why except that I'm looking to see how something ends. Does it end well? I always ask that when someone tells me about a movie I should see. "How was the endingl?" I ask. I want to know if the movie ended abruptly or tragically or without hope- cause if it did, I don't want to see it.

I want to know about endings where things come together that you didn't see happening in the middle of the movie. I want to know how to succeed in finishing ...strong. The best movies I've seen lately, I am cheering inside throughout, and I see at the end a beautiful occurrence of grace. I might sigh and wipe the tears from my eyes, but I am smiling at the end.


MOMSWEB said...

Such a heartfelt post. I've always appreciated endings of dealing with reality and reality doesn't always have a 'happy' ending, but an ending that brings a beginning to more wisdom, strength, character, and a better understanding of God.
Once again, a thought provoking post. Glad I dropped by today.

Anonymous said...

"Enoch walked with God; then he was no more, because God took him away." (Gen. 5:24)
Enoch- one of my favorites- both for his "walking with God" and his sudden departure. His ending partly abrupt, and partly nonexistant. He didn't *end*, persay, but carried on elsewhere. That seems to be where you are--walking with God, watching some desires shift--but being thoughtful of what you're leaving behind. You've not given up looking forward, true? Every ending in the Bible seems merely a matter of course-- relate-able, but undramatized. The beginnings hold all of the pizzaz. That'll be my prayer for you-- that your next venture explosively blossoms before you...

LAUREN at Faith Fuel said...

you're right- "an ending that brings a beginning to more wisdom" Amen to that!

love that example of Enoch. Only thing I didn't want to do, though, was suddenly evaporate in thin air one day and leave my readers questioning where and why. So I'm winding down. Closing up shop slowly. Getting ready for that explosive next venture you're talking about!