Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Beginnings and Endings and the Important In-Between

It's not unusual, that at a time that everything and every one is off to a fresh start (my son back at college down south, my daughter at a new public high school) , that I feel in need of one myself. A fresh start. It's like I'm an overgrown flowering plant, and I need a pruning and dead-heading (I believe that's what its called- not sure, because I don't have a green thumb. My nickname is plant killer).

I have loved writing this blog, and have never regretted the name of the blog. We all need fuel for our faith. We need shots of inspiration and doses of encouragement and buckets of grace to live a victorious life.

But lately, I just have this feeling like I am stuck in a rut, with not only my writing, but also what I write about. Sometimes I feel like there are new avenues for me to explore and I am holding on to too many things, too many roads that I've already traveled.

Faith Fuel is not ending. Not yet, at least. Not today at least. But I can't say that I will always be here, under this title, with that little fireplace widget flaming and brightening the page. I think there's new subjects, deeper explorations of various intriguing life matters that I may want to get into.

I'm getting old. But I don't want to age. I don't want to get set in my ways or set in stone, or God forbid, forget that when the stone was rolled away,that Life burst forth and is calling us onward, upward, higher...and to new terrain.


Anonymous said...

Sad at the prospect of losing your words. You--so often my parallel train... I recognize the need for *fresh*, though...

Beth said...

Change is good...but I will miss you!

LAUREN at Faith Fuel said...

well ladies, I'm not gone yet. I'm just easing my way out the door- but you'll know its the end. You'll be able to tell.
There's a few things left to be said, though.
I'm still here.

~Robin said...

I always look forward to catching up on your posts Lauren, you surely have been faith fuel for me over the past year. please be sure to let us know where you tip-toe off to so we can follow you there:)

LAUREN at Faith Fuel said...

Robin- you know I never do anything quietly! You'll be seeing me or hearing me...somewhere...soon.