Monday, March 16, 2009

Nomads - and the God Who Leads Them

Harry's not doing well, lately. It could be he has an ear infection, or it could be he's upset due to all the commotion of getting the house ready for showings. We're selling the house and we're moving...but we haven't decided where, exactly, we are moving to. (We've done this before- don't worry. I think we have nomadic blood).

D o we want to do another fixer upper? (We've done...hmmm, let's see, five...six of them so far. Now that Bill is doing a big remodeling job for a client, it's got him hankerin' for another big project of his own). Do we want to move down the street? To the town next door and switch school systems? Or do we want to try a move down south again- because perhaps we really are southeners at heart and just don't know it yet? We may have many months to decide in this slower market, and that's fine with me.

Stay tuned to find out what we do, where we go. It's all a mystery right now. These are the kind of mysteries I like. The kind where there is an unfolding of a plan, a sleuthing out of God's hand (where might His blessing be? What is God pointing to, specifically, in our life?) and an answer at the end. A good Answer.

I'm ready for another challenge, and particularly the kind where my husband puts his hands and his carpentry skills to a house and in a year it looks like a completely different place. Obviously it's not a great Real Estate market right now, but in my mind its always a good time to update, remodel, make brighter and bigger and more beautiful. I think God Himself is "into" renovation and remodeling and building. It's just that He is a Foundation specialist at heart, and we forget that. You've got to get your foundation right or everything else will be wrong. Shaky. Prone to crumbling.

So combine the fresh smell of Spring in the air with the idea of moving onward and add to that not knowing exactly where you're going and you get a real good sense of the adventure I'm having. Some days its all so exhilarating. And some days its overwhelming.

And on those overwhelming days , when Harry is anxious and needs me to calm him down, we cuddle on the couch and I drink some hot tea, and I take a deep breath and tell Harry in my most soothing convincing voice, "Everything will be okay". He believes me. I believe God. And that's how it's got to be when Life is an adventure and God is at the helm of your ship.


Leigh Anne said...

I'm thankful that God is my foundation. Even when the wind trys to blow my roof off, I can always know that my foundation is stable. Come join us in the south! said...

I am one of those people that like to have a plan A, B, & C, an ace in the hole, and spare change. I am being stretched outside of my comfort zone. God has shown himself strong on my behalf. Thank you for sharing; the post was encouraging.

Angie said...

It's always an adventure isn't it. I second Leigh Anne. Harry would like the milder climate, I'm sure. Best wishes.

LAUREN at Faith Fuel said...

Harry would love the milder climate IF
1) he was shaved down to a pixie cut
2) people petted him and adored him as I walked him through the street(Cause I do think people are friendlier down south!)
3) if people gave him lots of ice cubes to snack on. He loves ice cubes.