Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Onward Ho!

It's interesting how many people I know who are moving. Some are people I "know" through visiting their blogs, and others are people I know in my home town area. Moving invokes fear in some, and in others, there is a sense of excitement or anticipation...until everything hits the fan and you realize moving is just PLAIN HARD WORK. No one in their right mind loves to pack up and move. (Well, alright, there might be a few who really get a kick of that kind of thing).

I think the actual moving is not the hard part, really. For many, what is the real kicker is making the decision to move. Some deliberate over this for eons and others suddenly are told- you're moving. There's all sorts of reasons why people have to -or want to- uproot themselves and get to a new location, a new town, a new state.

For me, just getting to a new state of mind is a big challenge. I don't want to get caught living in the town of Small Ideas, living on Memory Lane where the best of what I have to offer is all in the past. I don't know how everyone else keeps their internal compass set for journeying onward with God, but I have a few things that I do in order to get me in the traveling mood.

1. I have to remember the way Jesus traveled is far, far, out of my comfort zone. Jesus literally traveled hot, dusty, and sometimes deserted roads. He didn't get coffee handed to Him at every mile or a cashmere covered pillow to lay his head on the moment he felt tired. He expects me to remember that traveling conditions don't have to be ideal, they just have to be do-able- and they are, if He is with me.

2. I have to remember that sustenance is always provided. Now it may not be what I think I need, or what I am proclaiming I have to have or I can not go another day. But it will be what my soul needs. He always satisfies the longing soul. He always gives strength to the weary. A bruised reed He will not break. Everyone who thirsts is invited to come to the waters (Is 55:1).

3. I have to remember that I'm glad to be journeying onward with Him. I don't always feel glad. In fact I usually feel anything but glad. But nothing is more satisfying than to be progressing and stretching- and you can't do that if you're stagnant and still. So I'm glad to move onward with Him. It doesn't have to be a physical move for me to make progress. Whether it's a new location or a new idea or a new way of loving someone, that "new" thing He is taking me to is where I want to be.

So, it's on to some new things. Take a deep breath. Get your sights set on what's ahead. And call it out with conviction...."Onward Ho!"


TexasTesla said...

I have moved many times in my life - lived in 6 states now, and will probably add to that list as my children get older. There is always a sense of trepidation when contemplating the move, a sense of loss for the known and comfortable. Still, every move has exposed me to new things, new people, new ideas...and shown me just how strong and resourceful I can be. Perhaps physically moving is not for everyone - but I think we all need that kind of experience, in some way, to help us grow.

Marlo B. said...

We moved back to our home city of Winnipeg from Calgary in 2006. The thing that struck me most is that we had to be willing to invest resources into this move to make it happen...realtor fees, legal costs, moving expenses...all in all it cost us $22,000 to ultimately move forward. I think it is no different with our spiritual journeys - we have to be willing to invest time, effort and other precious resources to move onward with God.

As always, a most eloquent post, Lauren :)

LAUREN at Faith Fuel said...

It is costly to move, isn't it?! But I like the word you used, Marlo- "invest". If we will invest ourselves in the adventure God calls us to, I know we won't be sorry we journeyed onward.

Angie said...

*shouting* ONWARD HO!

I just love you, Lauren. This is exactly what I needed. Printing this off and putting it in a prominent place. I'll keep you posted on my move...

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

How ironic, we have been talking a lot about moving to Texas. No kidding! But, now is not the time, however hopefully not too far away. We love California and where we live are in close proximity to so many things. But, changes are good. Researching is most important, although Jesus did not have GPS, The Internet, or Transportation like we do. I think being adventurous and spontaneous (within reason) is good for the soul. Sometimes new beginnings and fresh starts really are refreshing.


Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Great post! That is so true. I feel you with the moving of the mind!
Much love,