Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Look Says it All

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This is Mr. Woodhouse, Emma's father in that famous Jane Austen book, EMMA. He cracks me up. This guy is hysterically neurotic but very much out there with all his neuroses and fears. At least we can tell where he is at. We don't have a picture of a strong jawline and mental sobriety and then find out the guy is a fearful wimp. No, we can tell straight off what he is like.

I think I look like him- on one of my bad days. This is what I look like when I've had a scare about something. The look of fear or alarm is not a pretty sight. Unfortunately, there are enough things to alarm us in this world that we could have plenty of opportunities to wear this face.

I would rather look like this woman; I mean, have this look on my face:
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Now this is a quiet , pensive look, a relaxed, thoughtful look that shows Emma to be gently contemplating something. Gently, I say.

I have been doing a little gentle thinking, myself, lately- but I have a ways to go before I look like her. Still, if I sort through some issues in my life, look at the goals I've had and determine if I am anywhere close to reaching them, I might have a look on my face that is close to hers. I want to be vigorous in my questing after important, worthy goals, but I don't want to look panicked and fearful about where I am at. More than looks, I want to have the reality of inner confidence and conviction of truth inside me.

I want to be as bold as a lion (Prov. 28:1)- not timid or besieged by fear. But as far as Heaven is concerned, when God looks down, I hope He sees the smiling face of a relaxed, trusting lamb.


Lindsay said...

Oh how I too long for Him to see that relaxed and trusting lamb.

Thanks for this post - needed it today!!

Blessings to you this Wednesday!

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

ha ha! I like the second look better too!

I wish I was a trusting lamb more often too!
Much love,

twinklemom said...

Lol..that look is the look I get when I see what the dog has done lately! LOL, and not the quiet pensive type either...LOL

Marlo Boux said...

lol i love that picture! I sport the deer-in-headlights look more than I would like to admit :)

~Robin said...

Oh, Ive missed your blog & the encouragement you bring...I just had to take a min to peek and see what everyone was up to today...6 weeks is a long time!! I'm back to the internet fast tomorrow....much love!!

TexasTesla said...

If only we could all be relaxed and trusting. Life can be so hard, so surprising...that we all put on our faces of fear/shock/anger/distrust, and forget to take them off again!

Must remember to be more contemplative and gentle, especially at times when I think I *can't*.