Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Baking, Bullriding and Books

You can't go on a baking marathon and watch bull riding without being a bit exhausted and need some time to regroup...by reading. With just the sunlight coming in. And the dog sleeping at my feet.

Saturday morning I went "sailing" (to garage sales) and also stopped by the library. This is the wonderful allotment I came home with- all these books were .25 to a dollar- and it was money well spent. (Why do people get rid of good books- why not store them on a shelf- till you need to return to the book?) The Knitting book came from the library- and that book I cannot keep.

I already read Anna Quinlan's little book- and one little line popped out, "Get a life in which you are not alone." It's not good to be alone- God said that back in Genesis 2 and it's been true ever since. It's just that living with people isn't always easy or helpful always, either! Either you have lonely days or you have days of commotion, hugs, smiles, messy family meals and times of laughing or tears- it's all in the package of not living alone.

I remember when my Dad had written once on the kitchen blackboard of our home (I was a teen, I think)-"Praise Him, Thank Him- Jesus is Lord of this Home". At that time, we five kids were loving each other, fighting often, causing scenes, enjoying great family meals together, making everything difficult and wonderful and ghastly all at the same time- and I remember thinking, "Somewhat of a mess that Jesus is Lord of." (Years later, I'm seeing this truth continually: The Lord can handle the mess).

Thomas Merton's book is the one I'm diving into now.

"There are religious men who have become so familiar with the concept of God's will that their familiarity has bred an apparent contempt. It has made them forget that God's will is more than a concept. It is a terrible and transcendent reality, a secret power which is given to us, from moment to moment, to be the life of our life and the soul of our own soul's life."

God's will. ....The secret power to live this life- as challenging as it is- without holding back.
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