Thursday, August 20, 2009

Special Arrangements

I love Country Home Magazine and other Home and Decorating magazines for this very reason you see here: this gorgeous photo of a floral arrangement I doubt I could ever "arrange." But I'm good at staring at beauty and salivating over it.

I'm also good at arranging things such as dates, appointments, reservations when making a trip, prompt bill paying, and packing.

You should see the great job I did of packing up my son for college. He doesn't care about things like clean boxers and contact solution and medicines all labeled in a box. But I care. I care about these things. And I know he'll care when he gets a cold or runs out of clean laundry or when I get the phone call and he'll ask if I packed his contact solution because he can't find it. And I'll tell him, "Yes, Alex, I took care of all that. It's all there. It's all been arranged."

I'm a Mom- and like the title of this Country Home photo "Special Arrangements"- I make special arrangements every day. I'm proud to do so. I don't see them as menial tasks. These are the profoundly simple but beautiful things I do to show that I care. They don't have to see it this way- the people for whom I make all these special arrangements. I just have to remember that these simple tasks I do are for special people I love and arranged out of love.


shanchere said...

When we love someone, nothing seems hard or burdensome. That is why I have always been puzzled, when Christians tell me that serving the Lord is hard. If they were madly, passionately in love with the Lord, nothing who seem difficult, not even the mundane; if they knew it would please him. In fact, it should give us great joy to know He is pleased with even the smallest of things. I sense you have this same kind of joy knowing that your son is (or will be) pleased when he sees how you have provided for him. He cannot help but feel your love though your small thoughtfulnesses.

raynz said...

That is one proof that simple little things done out of great love becomes something great. You have a nice blog. I'm so blessed to read it.