Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Small Packages

Good things can come in small packages- or so they say. I hope my daughter thinks this is true when she looks under the tree on Christmas morning. One of the better gifts, hoped-for and longed for- will be there, under the tree in a small box. The power and value of something is not always in its size.

Likewise, this little book, For These Tough Times by Max Lucado, is a small little package but with a value proportionate to the truths contained within it. Maybe you would call this a Gift book or a little Devotional. I wasn't hit by major blow-your-mind-truths when I read this book, but I did rediscover some gems of wisdom that are always good to remember.

It has eight little chapters, and they get better as you go. When you hit chapter five, you get into the meaty truths that are crucial to remember: how to find peace of mind by letting go of the incessant need for justice, how to know that God is speaking still by being reverently still before Him (chapter 6), and chapter seven a little reminder that "those who pray keep alive the watch fires of faith". I'm all for firing up your faith. A roaring fire keeps cold doubts and gripping fear from chilling you to the bone.

This is a good book. It may even be a powerful book- for someone who needs to hear these simple truths expressed in a clear soothing voice. That's Max Lucado's voice for you- it can be comforting and guiding, even if it isn't a shout in the dark or a trumpet blast from the rooftop. There have been some authors who do just that, to me, when I read their books- they jolt me to action, awaken me from lethargy or fuzzy thinking.

This book, though, is a companion for your softer hours or your lonely times. It may be a small reminder of a big God who loves you or it may be a gift to someone who needs just a little nudge in the right direction.

What's the best SMALL gift you ever got? I would love to know!


Gi said...

May the peace and happiness of Christmas remain with you throughout the New Year.

Lindsay said...

I'm off to get that book! You described Max perfectly... I love his books & the way God uses him to "sooth" the TRUTH into our hearts and minds.

Merry Christmas Lauren!!

May you be blessed with GREAT things that only HE can give!

LAUREN at Faith Fuel said...

Merry Christmas to you too! You, my blog readers, are like gifts under my tree and I love getting to know all of you!

Barbara, The Spirited Strider said...

Lovely gift, Lauren! I love Max Lucado's works. I can think of many a small gift that my children have given me (those homemade ones--just because) that truly are the most special ones! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours! Warmly, Barbara