Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Remind Me NOW

My computer is overloaded with files and saved data - a fact that means little to me until it starts to slow down to a crawl and I pound away at the keyboard hoping to get the computer to pick up its speed. My son was supposed to play Techno Doc when he was home Thanksgiving break, but he never get around to fixing my computer.

There's this "thing" on my computer screen that keeps popping up, asking me if I want to do one of three things. I keep clicking on "Remind me later". Every day when it pops up, I just pick the "remind me later" choice. I'm not even sure what its going to remind me to do but I know that I don't want to do it now.

Nike told us it was better to "Just Do it" but they never said why. Well, at least not in a detailed thesis of procastination there one single word that describes the opposite of procastination?

Anyhow, yesterday I was reminded that there are a number of important things that I do need to be reminded of, and there's no better time to be reminded of these key things than right now. Right now I need to know God's Love in a fresh new way. I mean fresh as in produce that just comes out of the ground, not fresh as in laying on the grocery produce shelves, occasionally being misted with water so that the lettuce still looks green and firm and inviting to the consumer.

There are some age old truths about the Father's love for us that need a reawakening of belief in our souls. Today. Right now. Not tomorrow. Tomorrow there will be enough national crises and bad news that will cause us to need to know His love. But today is where we are at. Today is when we need the power of His love for whatever we are dealing with- internationally, nationally, or for what we are facing right at home.

Two dear women prayed with me, prayed over me, yesterday. They might as well have been dressed in armor, wielding swords, carrying out intricate spiritual battle plans- for the way that they prayed for me. They were intent on seeing me have a new understanding of something. I went to meet with them intent on maybe getting some answers to why I feel so mixed up, off track, far behind in the race. I just wanted answers.

They spiritually saw, instead, a thing that kept popping up, like a flashing sign over my head. I think they felt in their spirit a keen intention that this woman- me- should be reminded now of the Father's love.

Maybe I've been saying "Remind me later, Lord" when God has wanted to love me, because sometimes love seems to be the last thing on your mind. Love doesn't seem to be the answer to an impending Depression the nation is facing. Love doesn't seem to be the answer to career questions and issues of bill paying and debt. So of course if God wants to bring up His love for me, I would be quick to say "Remind me later- cause right now, my system is overloaded, I'm clogged with too much information and not enough answers, and all I want is relief, Lord. Just plain relief."

I'm finding out that when I ask for relief, God gives me love. When I inquire about the economy and issues of finances, God says the answer is a type of love called Provision. When I pray about the national news that overwhems me, God says He wants to love our nation. When I look at the whole wide world all askew, God says "That's why I came to earth". To love us. To show the power of His love. And it is something that, more than ever, we all need to know now.


Mike said...

It all comes down to it in the end. It's His love shed abroad in our hearts that puts everything in perspective and then I feel stupid for being so blind. Thanks for the reminder Lauren. Blessings :)

LAUREN at Faith Fuel said...

Repeated blindness is something I struggle with!! :)
But I'm trying to see. I really am.
And thank God, He knows that I am and is opening my eyes...and my heart, to His love.