Thursday, October 02, 2008

Taking Inventory

Today is very dark and gray. I don't want to think about world events or national headlines or even my own dilemmas and decisions I need to make. Today I just want to make homemade bread and something sweet, listen to my daughter turn the pages of her book (she is really "into" reading, lately) and contemplate how I can make a decent supper without continually glancing over at my son's empty spot at the table and sighing repeatedly cause I miss him so much.

"He was a pain, Mom," Abby reminded me this afternoon as we headed out to the library.

"I know- and I miss that Pain, very much. " I smiled at her and she saw that I really hadn't forgotten how much trouble he was at times, but nor had I forgotten how much joy, laughter, and craziness he brought into our family. Oh, and loud music too- he brought a lot of that into our home. And tall, lumbering friends who were always hungry.

I am already anticipating Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday, and the sounds of him being home. I don't care how bad this economy gets or if we have roasted mouse for dinner. What matters is that we'll be at one table, with one objective in mind- and that's to give thanks for being together again. So I'm beginning my Thanksgiving mood right now. I'm going to capitalize on the fact that the bad economic news lately has actually caused me to take inventory of what I do have.

There are some things that a bad economy and plunging stocks cannot take away from you. Actually there's a lot that can't be taken away from you- no matter how dire the times. "I've got peace like a river", "joy like a fountain", "faith for today and bright hope for tomorrow"- and that's just a couple things that immediately come to mind thanks to all the good hymns and spiritual songs that went into me all these years.

I'll spend the rest of the day thinking of some more things I've got going for me. I'll think about all these real blessings as I get ready to bake Madeleines- these little French cakes that look like sea shells. They're sweet and spongy and they go great with a good cup of tea. I'm so glad that when times are tough, the tough start baking. Or singing. Or dancing a victory dance in spite of the dark gray skies.

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