Sunday, July 13, 2008

Quote for the Day

"Do not think that love, in order to be genuine, has to be extraordinary.
What we need is to love without getting tired."
-Mother Theresa


~Robin said...

I love when truth is expressed succinctly, condensed in as few words as possible.
Mother Teresa was a genius at this.
Thanks for sharing it with us today Lauren, right on time as always. Good stuff:)

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

That is a good quote!

Rita said...

That's a Great quote!

Here's one of my favs:

"We are at Jesus' disposal. If he wants you to be sick in bed, if he wants you to proclaim His work in the street, if he wants you to clean the toilets all day, that's all right, everything is all right. We must say, "I belong to you. You can do whatever you like." And this our strength, and this is the joy of the Lord."
- Blessed Mother Teresa

LAUREN at Faith Fuel said...

I just love the way Mother Theresa got right to the heart of God, right to the real issues of servanthood. Love that quote you shared!