Monday, December 10, 2007

I've Been Tagged

I've been tagged by week actually).

I'm supposed to write five (5) things about myself that you may not know- some random or weird things. Supposedly this thing is called a "MEME" but I don't even know what that means or what it is. Makes me think of a mime or something- and that's not something I do. (I like using words and I never run out of them. Ask my teenage son and he'll tell you with a pained expression how true that is!)

But here's five things about me that you should know:

1. Back in second grade I was in love with a boy who had red hair,freckles and several teeth missing- and that's the last time I have ever felt attracted to a male looking like that! (It's more the missing teeth thing, not the red hair. Honestly. I just love red haired people- they're firery, or at least they've been known to be that way due to the color of their hair).

2. I cut my own hair. I have a problem going to a hair stylist, paying lots of money, and coming out of there only to come home, look in the mirror and see how uneven it is, or how awful I look. I probably should have just upgraded to a fancier hair stylist, but I just don't like spending money on things like that.

3. I cut my hair...too often and too much. It's becoming an illness. Or at least my husband thinks it is. To the point that the kids are also locking up the scissors and measuring out fines if they catch me with the scissors in my hand and the mirror before me!

4. My husband and I would love to have an apple orchard someday. Or a vineyard. I would wear birkenstocks, jeans and an old sweater, and forgo make up, and roam the hills of my vineyard, or the orchard, and I would be free as a bird- until my husband called me to do the chores with him!

5. If I could invite five famous or historic people to dinner, I would invite:
C.S. Lewis, the Apostle Paul, Dr. Phil, Edith Schaeffer (wife of the Francis Schaeffer), and John Wimber (founder of the Vineyard Movement/denomination). We would have an incredible conversation, and I believe it would be rousing, riotous, and ripe with ideas for going forward in life. And you all would be invited to drop in for dessert (and if you're so inclined, please bring cheesecake, tiramisu, and blueberry pie- those are my favorites!)

And now, if anyone wants to be tagged, consider yourself tagged!


Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Interesting stuff about you girl! Good to know.

Anonymous said...

~Robin said..
Oh, I like you, I'm a hippie wanna-be too! As for the haircutting, I seriously had to pray and break myself of that same thing a few years ago. I'm good with 2-3 times a year now--the key for me was allowing myself to splurge on myself, and finding the right/good person to cut my hair... I asked someone who's hair I really liked who cut it and went to them.
And I would so come to your dessert-very interesting crew you chose.

LAUREN at Faith Fuel- said...

Angela and Robin-
I would promise to get my hair done professionally the night I have that dinner with my favorite famous people and my favorite blog world friends!!

Loveable said...

Oh no! Please don't take off the jean jacket, birkenstocks and the desire to use all of your imagination, mind and words...I don't care what the kids say, those of us in bloggerland would be so disappointed and might accuse you of not being Lauren.

LAUREN at Faith Fuel- said...

You are too funny!!
(And thanks for loving my imagination and all my many words!!)