Thursday, November 01, 2007

Next on the Best Seller Book List

It's dark when I open the doors to my kids' bedrooms and wake them- if they haven't woken up by themselves. My son will set his alarm and then turn it off. I therefore have to be the one to wake him- and he doesn't rise with a cheerful sleepy smile like my daughter does.

This morning I decide to continue speaking my litany of beautiful thoughts and powerful inspiration -into my sons' ears. I am going to be his personal Life Coach, his own motivational speaker-on-call. Whether he likes it or not.

"Alex, wake up," I bend over and whisper into his ears. "It's a new day. There are two days left in this marking period. This is your chance to finish the quarter well, raise your GPA, apply for scholarships, get into the college of your choice, and forge ahead into a dynamic future filled with promise and potential. Your life awaits you. Alex .... Alex..... GET UP!!!"

"Mmmm hmmmm" he mumbles, unaware that many would have paid thousands to hear that life changing dynamic "charge!" I have just uttered. I sigh and leave the room.

After everyone is off, the house is now silent. I have only Harry,our dog, to motivate and cheer. And He needs none of that. His ambition in life is to lie on my bed snoring, or to wait by my feet at lunch time for the sandwich crust that might fall to the floor. His destination is usually the couch or the pillow on my bed. His ambition in life is contentment and rest. He makes a lousy client for all my pep and rah-rah that I would like to pour into him.

My husband Bill is trying to help me plan for the other books I will be writing. (He is sure that there are many to come, simply because I have a lot to say). We've been discussing book titles based on the themes I most like to address. There's a plethora of possibilities.

"How about 'Advice I Would Love My Teenage Son to Adhere to and Chart His Life By"?" I ask my husband.

"Too long," he says.

"Okay, how about just.... 'Unwanted Advice' " I say, lifting my eyebrows.



Angie said...

Yes, perfect. I've been wondering about you writing a book. You're a great life coach! I truly appreciate your insights.

Mike said...

LOL I wish my name was Harry!

Lauren at Faith Fuel! said...

Mike, I'm assuming you like the snoozing, "contentment and rest" part of Harry's life- and not his diet of what falls to the floor! (smile!!)

Renee Swope said...

I can't wait to read your best-seller! I finally wrote about the Mathetes award on my blog and bragged on my sweet friend, Lauren!!!
Click here to read about it

Barbara said...

I love the way you write and cannot wait to read the first book!