Wednesday, November 21, 2007

All Clear

Image Hosted by photo by Alexander Caldwell

I would think that this post should be a proper Thanksgiving message where I admonish myself (and anyone who cares to listen) that we should be thankful, thankful, thankful. But I'm pretty sure everyone has gotten the message to be just that, already. Be ye thankful.

Some families have that mandatory "sharing time" when you go around the dining room table with each one sharing, in turn, why they are thankful. In some Christian homes it can get very intense or competitive, statistical or laden with Scripture, or lengthy as Uncle Egbert shares the very detailed history of Thanksgiving. By the time it gets to you, you wonder what to say.

It's your turn and you want to share how you're thankful and really, more relieved than than thankful if you're honest- for all that God has done in your life. You want to communicate how you're just starting to "see" how He loves you, how it's all becoming so clear to you now. You could quote verses pointing to this new found freedom and grace. But instead you simply say:

"I'm just so thankful that it's all I look up."


deni said...

Thank you stopping by my blog and commenting.

Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!

Barbara said...

Ditto and amen! Happy Thanksgiving, Lauren!