Thursday, December 29, 2005

I love Christmas, and especially Easter Sunday with its message of the power of the Resurrection. But I also LOVE New Year's Eve, and the creating of my Dreams/Plans/Goals for the coming year.

There is POWER in ANTICIPATION. Anticipating good is equivalent, practically, to running a mile. It's good for your heart, and helpful if you want a healthy mindset.
"The expectation of the righteous is ONLY good" it says in Proverbs. Whether you use the word "hope" or "expectation" in that verse, remember to expect, always, good from God.

When I was little, my Dad, who is a coach (once a coach, always a coach) used to yell out to his players on the field "Anticipate!!" Shame on you if you weren't ready for, and expecting, the ball!

I am anticpating a good year, a year of challenge, and dreams and goals fulfilled. Of course there will be problems and trials in 2006, but my eyes are on the good that I am expecting. After all, "the expectation of the righteous is ONLY GOOD"

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