Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Your Dream

We do our BEST work out of Motivation, not frustration. And motivation has to do with something that bursts within you, something that flames inside and compels you onward. Motivation has to do with what you're anointed for.

Part of the combustible mixture of FAITH FUEL is the ingredient of anointing. Even the Savior, Himself, identified the ingredient of being intrinsically motivated, rather than externally compelled, in the outpouring of His ministry. The prophetic passage in Isaiah 61:1 begins "The Spirit of the Lord God is upon Me, because the Lord has anointed Me to preach good tidings..."

When you're anointed to do something significant in this life, you sense a call of being set apart for something. In the Old Testament, to anoint a priest they would smear him with sacred oil. You could smell this fragrant oil. You could tell when someone was anointed.

People should be able to tell that you're anointed for something. Maybe not in a visible, obvious way, but there should be something they "sense" about you. Significant key people in your life, whom you uphold and respect- these key people might identify something about you, even if they can't quite put it into words.

NOTICE when someone is drawn to you for positive reasons. Notice when you are asked to do certain things more often than other things. Start to discern what God's anointing on your life is about. It will show up in the area of your giftings and talents, but not necessarily in the most dramatic and obvious of ways. After all, Jesus came into this world as a helpless baby, and spent years in almost obscurity before He evidenced who He was and what His calling and anointing were all about.

The thing that has motivated you since you were a child may be dormant in you. It may have gotten pushed to the side if you had desperate other needs that related to being extrinsically motivated, rather than internally motivated from the flame that God has put inside you.

Our best and highest motivation should have to do with works of good in this life. As in Jesus' calling, we too have a calling that has to do with sharing good news, helping heal the brokenhearted, bringing about liberty of the oppressed, comforting, consoling, giving.... These actions are all identified in the Isaiah 61 passage, and they should be identified in our lives as well.

Your Dream should have this quality to it. Not only will you be exploring and pressing onward in the area of your gifting and vision, but you will also be pressing onward and higher for the sake of those you've been called to help.

Help comes in many ways. You may be helping in a direct way, or helping as a role model and inspiration to many. Don't decide before hand how this will take place. Just know that the Dream inside you, if from God, will never be just about you and your needs, your abilities.

It's much bigger than that.

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