Thursday, August 08, 2013

Dear friends,

Please remember you can access all my previous posts by scrolling down to the TOPICS sidebar.

This past year and a half I have been at work on a novel for the Christian Women's market, have compiled many of my posts into several devotionals, and have plans for a new website/blog. But until I can get it up and running, please stop in here at FAITH FUEL and refresh yourself with God's peace and love while scrolling through my previous posts.

God bless you all richly as you trust in Him.
He never fails us!

P.S. Stay tuned for updates about my novel, EXPECTING YOU.

EXPECTING YOU is the heartwarming story of a simple seaside summer in New England, one woman’s journey through the complicated world of guilt and regret, and the unexpected gift of perspective that guides a grieving heart toward home.


Clarissa said...
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Clarissa said...

Lauren, it's great to hear that you are writing a book (or two, or three)! Your writing has encouraged me throughout the past 5 years, and I'm glad that God is blessing you with an even greater audience to encourage.


LAUREN at Faith Fuel said...

Thanks so much for the encouraging words. May you be blessed and revitalized in Him Today!