Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Every Step I Take

I thought I'd start out this post with some simple powerful truths that you need to know for today:

Today is already a very good day.

You've got some choices to make today, but I know you will choose well; so I'll say "good job!" already.

You've got God's favor working on your behalf, even if you can't see it; so just know that you've got way more going for you, than against you.

Lately I've been realizing that I know more than I think I do--but that isn't even the victory. It's not what you know that matters so much as what you do with what you know. Jesus tells us in Matthew 7:24 that successful, healthy people are those who put into practice the good things that they know. There's knowing something, and then there's doing something with what you know. But take heart, you are doing this already. God has given you a head start...when he designed your brain.

I've heard some people say that they've never gotten a lucky break. And I know some people who feel like God has failed them when they asked for His help. They didn't feel like they got specific direction from God. I've had times, myself, when I feel like God has let me loose in a fog and yet told me to follow Him. "Oh, this is just ducky," I've muttered to myself as I go bumbling about. There have been times when it didn't feel like my steps were at all ordered by God, much less directed by Him.

But let me share with you something about how God is leading you right now (because He IS leading you). He designed you, designed your brain, to aid you in the actual taking of every step. He designed you so that you will not fall. He thought of the concept of equilibrium and balance. Even if you're in a wheelchair, God wants you to know you can stand in Him. Even if you're lying down, beseiged in exhaustion or grief, God wants you to know you can be upright in Him. He designed us that that we can take actual physical steps of progress-- and that's not even the beginning of tapping into His storehouse of wisdom and insight and revelation.

Ruel Hinaloc writes in The Brain More Than a Computer about how our brain helps us take steps of progress. "Although extremely fast, computers handle only one piece of information at a time, whereas the human nervous system processes millions of pieces of information simultaneously. For example, during a stroll in the springtime, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery, listen to the song of birds, and smell the flowers. All these pleasant sensations are transmitted simultaneously to your brain. At the same time, streams of information flow from the sense receptors in your limbs, informing your brain of the moment-to-moment position of each leg and the state of each muscle. Obstacles in the footpath ahead are noticed by your eyes. On the basis of all this information, your brain ensures that each step is taken smoothly." (italics mine)

If God cared enough to make a brain that ensures your steps will be smooth and steady, how much more will He give you the emotional and spiritual assistance to make those physical steps endued with power when they become steps of faith as well!

You've got a lot going for you. You've got an incredible brain, designed by God, to aid you in taking steps forward. And then add to that ALL of heaven's resources at your disposal. Just trust God for that next step that seems so hard for you. It's not hard. It just seems hard.

When you think of it, you were designed for progress. You were designed for forward movement and you were designed to stay upright as you make progress.

So, repeat after me:

It's a good day, already. (Psalm 118:24)

I know how to choose wisely, and I will do so. (Phil. 2:13)

There is more going on for me than against me. (Rom 8:31)

There now. You've already made progress. Now take another step. And then another.

I'll look for you at the next pit stop, further on down the road.

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