Friday, March 02, 2012

Loud and Clear

Well my dear blog friends, for those of you faithfully dropping by here to see if I have gotten going on my intention to make things "loud and clear" here at FAITH FUEL, the answer is No, I am not yet at the point of broadcasting live or vlogging, but I haven't been silenced either. Sometimes when you're trying to break through into doing something new and you haven't completely succeeded, you can at least say you haven't stopped trying.

And you know why I'm trying to make a change in how I get my messages to you? Because certain people in my life are prodding me to do this and I have been resisting as though they were asking me to jump into a pool of alligators. I like writing down my thoughts and my struggles and my "lightbulb moments" of sudden illumination that I share with you all here; and I love speaking at Retreats and Conferences and Bible Studies. But to speak out into the blog world and try bringing you some words of encouragement in that manner- well, I would; I mean I'm not against doing that; but really, is that what I should be doing? (Can you hear the resistance?!)

My husband, Safety Bill, has been telling me that Change is in the Air. He says he can almost smell change coming, that it smells like something fresh and new. I don't smell anything. Well, other than Harry, who is in desperate need of a bath and total mowing- I mean, grooming. The only thing I sense is that I'm used to writing my thoughts and I'm used to posting them quietly. The only way you'd hear my posts is if you read them out loud. And now I've got a bit of prodding to change things, change the way I do things. Change the way I come across to you, how I come across to you.

But the key thing is that we do cross over- from resistance to cooperation, from fear to faith, from old ways of doing things to new ways of doing things. I don't even think you have to know exactly what you are doing when you start to make concrete changes in your life. Nobody would make changes if they waited till they were exactly sure of what they were doing!

I'm never exactly sure of what I'm doing- it's more like I'm sure of what- or Who- is motivating me to make the changes that I will eventually not be sure of. Does that make sense? I'm sure that God is behind the prodding for these changes. And actually, I'm sure God is behind not so much the changes themselves, but the willingness I need to have to make these adjustments and turning points.

God looks for bendable people. Flexible, bendable people are not willy nilly in their convictions- they're just open to how their convictions will be carried out. They know that when all is said and done, things just might look completely different than when they first started out on their new journey to Change.

Maybe you feel impressed to take a certain path, pursue a certain job, and you're just about to reach out and lay hold of it when- poof- it almost seems to evaporate. The offer is withdrawn; someone else gets the job. Maybe a serious relationship that you thought for sure was going to lead to a proposal of Happily Ever After is now a relationship crumbling into the dust. Maybe the Answer that you fasted and prayed for is now turning out to not exactly be the answer you were looking for. But, hold on! Don't throw the baby out with the bath water!

"Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known." (1 Cor. 13:12) Sometimes we only get part of the picture; sometimes we get a partial revelation of what God is doing but then we add to that partial our idea of what's happening. We need to get used to saying "I only know in part, but I can fully obey God." God is after our willingness to pursue Him and His will in all things. He knows we only see in part, but He's got the full picture. He will lead, and keep leading you, into the fullness of His will and His abundance.

Stumble about, if you have to- but at least stumble forward. Stumble into change. Thrash and flail about it, but do it anyway. That's what I'm doing. My techno-son is helping me make this transition with changes coming to my blog and website. My husband is prodding me. My friend Scott who has a ministry going through changes is encouraging me to get going. And most of all, God is calling me to enter into the Transition Time with gusto and excitement for the new things He has ahead. I don't really know what the changes I make now will lead to in the future. But I do know that my willingness to change- to move with God- will definitely keep me hearing Him calling me onward- and I will hear Him loud and clear.


Robin said...

"...but at least stumble forward."
Yes, just what I needed to hear today. Thank you for sharing, and excited to see the new places life takes you to encourage others!

LAUREN at Faith Fuel said...

Good to hear from you!!

Sherry said...

It has been a long time since I've responded to your blog posts and am grateful to see you continue to write. Your blog posts have always been such an inspiration to me.

Life has taken on a whole new direction since the last time we have even seen one another. But our God is so good and faithful. I have been blogging for a military website called, "Faith Deployed" and help administer the Faith Deployed facebook page, where over 40,000 military wives gravitate for spiritual nourishment and daily encouragement, as they serve on the home front. What a blessing it is to come alongside so many women,to be able to speak Truth into their hearts, lift them up in prayer and help equip them for the calling God has given them.

When God calls, change happens; our thoughts, desires and circumstances align themselves with His Word as we surrender to His will. He puts within our hearts an excitement, an anticipation, knowing our God will show up!...I recall you sharing this same encouraging advice so long ago, and it rings true to this day. Yes, He does show up. I carry these words with me into our deployment. He who has called you, goes ahead of you to prepare the way. He then remains with you through every adventurous assignment. Deuteronomy 31:8

I am so excited to see where the Lord will lead you as you wait on Him and call out His name. He will tell you great and mighty things, which you do not know. Jeremiah 33:3

Eternally, my dear friend. ~Sherry

LAUREN at Faith Fuel said...

I'm so excited for you--God has opened doors for you to reach out and positively influence military families!

When I spoke at the G. C. women's retreat several years back, it was an uplifting time for all, wasn't it? That's what God does-- He takes us higher and higher. We get an anointed perspective of what He is doing in our lives. We don't see and understand everything, but the part of the picture we get is so riveting and exciting! We know we can always trust Him for MORE!

Clarissa said...

Hello Lauren. I've probably said this previously, but I agree with Sherry that I'm glad that you decided to continue writing. Do you have a Twitter account, and if so what is your account name? I would like to follow you on that social site.

A continued thank you,