Sunday, May 29, 2011

Just Down the Road

My posting has been less frequent--and let's face it: It appears I'm winding down, closing up shop, moving onward, and heading down the road to the point that I'll soon be out of sight. And probably out of mind. Out of your mind, hopefully--not mine!

Maybe it's just a summer sabbatical I need or maybe I need a complete overhaul of my life. But in any case, I think a break from writing will be good for me. I think I need to try some new things and contemplate some new ideas and simmer them deep within me before I share them out loud or on paper or on this blog.

So you might not hear from me for a while. You can always read some of my old posts on topics that interest you. (see Topics listed on the sidebar). Or you can step out on the road, like me, and venture down the road, beyond familiar territory, and explore the unknown and wander into some unexpected blessing or an unexpected place of peace or ministry. The world is waiting for your unique touch. God has meaningful and surprising work for you to do.

You'll discover you go.


Robin said...

I look forward to hearing of the changed God brings to your life as you travel around the bend. Please do keep us posted. God bless!

LAUREN at Faith Fuel said...

I still read all comments left and love hearing from you all. Summer is almost over. And who knows? I may be posting again soon.

Making Christian Disciples said...

I encourage you to write again. You obviously have a talent in the area of communication. We all need a break though, and I understand this. I look forward to you writing again. Send me an email when you do!

Master Blogger said...

Very inspiring and good motivation I love this post!

Zero Dramas

reta said...
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reta said...
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