Thursday, February 10, 2011

Be Still, My Beating Heart

Knight in Shining Armour Card,

I was rummaging around in a cupboard and found an old photo of my husband (otherwise known as Safety Bill). I think it's his high school graduation photo.

High School is a point of contention between us because he liked me back then and I didn't know that he did.

Years later he got his chance to make his move when I needed a ride home from college for Thanksgiving break, and he gave me one.

I've been riding with Safety Bill ever since. And from looking back at old posts here, you know that he looks like a hunky contractor but drives like a ninety-year-old man. Another point of contention-- but we won't go into that one either.

All this to say....Valentine's Day is coming. For the calendar-impaired among us, it's this Monday, February 14th.

This year I'm not doing any fancy dinner for Safety Bill but I did buy him a soft wool scarf and he bought me a beautiful hard cover book (though he doesn't know, yet, that he did.) He's not the greatest in the gift giving department but I've gotten over that, finally. I had to account for the good foot rubs he gives, the way he does the dirty pots and pans that I hide in the oven (without complaining) and the fact that after twenty-six years of marriage, I still like what I see.


Ally said...

love this post. so honest.

LAUREN at Faith Fuel said...

Thanks for stopping by. A paw-print hello from my dog, Harry, to yours!

Jenny said...

So glad you're back to the blogoshpere; encouraging, supporting, inspiring and telling it like it is. We've missed you!

LAUREN at Faith Fuel said...

Aw, Jenny- what a nice open-hearted response! Glad you stopped by! said...

I hope I still feel the same about my hubby in 26 years ;D

LAUREN at Faith Fuel said...

wonderfullyflo- It only gets better, year after year! But I've had to let go of what I thought was love, and find out that all those little things really matter, really add up--things like him doing the pots and pans that I've hidden in the oven! (Smile)