Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's Coming

This is what I love to see in the dead of winter: a bit of color. Makes me think that Spring has a chance of getting here after all.

I've been a bit contrary this year--haven't been posting as regularly, didn't do any New Years Resolutions, haven't made any lists. And I have to say I've never felt happier. I feel like this room from Elle Decor- bright, a bit wild,even. The older I get, the less I want to play it safe.

Now there's being safe and there's playing safe: two different things. I'm not talking about being stupid or taking foolish risks; but taking risks will never feel good. It will never feel safe to step out into the unknown.

So yeah, I think I'll try adding a punch of color into my life today, this winter, this year. I just have to envision myself sitting here on this lime-green love seat (which I've now decided is one of my favorite colors), put my feet up on this glass coffee table , and stare up at the ceiling--which I imagine soars pretty high-- and contemplate the possibilities.

I do believe they're endless.

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