Monday, June 23, 2008

And There Arose a Storm

There's nothing quite so exciting as driving through a major downpour and then hearing on the radio that there is a tornado watch and you are about to drive through the critical danger zone. That was my afternoon yesterday. My daughter and I prayed up a storm as we drove through the storm...and we made it through.

Got home and pulled up to the opened garage door where my husband was waiting for us. We ran into the house and my daughter kept saying, "We've got to get down to the basement! That's the only safe place." But there was no tornado- or at least there wasn't one near us.

What there was, however, was a big tree that decided to come down right in front of our house, crashing onto the road and dragging the power lines down with it. Then everything got semi-dark and quiet. I called in our emergency to 911 because we were worried about the live wires being down on the road and about oncoming traffic who might round the curve and run right into the tree and power lines.

After a while we decided it was best to set the best atmosphere possible. My kids dragged out their guitars, and my son and my husband worked on tuning and stringing Alex's guitar. I read my book, lying on the couch and petting our dog to keep him calm. I was half thankful for the family time the storm brought about, and yet also concerned for the families that had more critical situations due to the storm.

You just never know what the day brings. I guess that's why Jesus told us to not worry about tomorrow for today has enough challenges of its own. But sometimes these challenges- these storms- come in with a roar and go out quietly, leaving behind a contemplative heart that ponders how good it is know the goodness of God in the land of the living. And in the land of the living storms may rage, but there's One who can quiet that storm with just one word..."Peace."

It's a blessing, it's a command, and its a declaration: "Peace!".


Anonymous said...

How true this is...In my own personal experiences, there is always a slight twinge of fear that a severe thunderstorm brings, especially where tornados are concerned. As you go through the storm, your worry level becomes a little more intensified, and sometimes we may even panic. Prayer has gotten me through many storms, and as soon as it passes, you begin to feel a sense of relief, ease, and lightheartedness. God has everything in control if we trust in Him. The storms of the weather are comparable to the storms in our lives. We can always make it through if we try. Thanks for sharing.

Denise said...

It is easy to become fearful at the roar of the storm. Thanks for the reminder of the peace that can come in the quiet that follows.

SuzyQ said...

I would have been running to the basement with your daughter I think;)
It's amazing how these things, emotional storms, life storms, literal storms confrount us with the same message of faith.
A faith that brings the peace that can be found through it all with Jesus.

Angie said...

So glad ya'll are ok. I hear you. Sometimes I wake up and wonder what the day will bring. These days we live in are turbulent at best. I've noticed too how these traumatic events bond us closer to each other, but especially closer to God. I wonder if that is His design.

I've missed visiting your place. I'm still unpacking and eager to get back in my routine.

LAUREN at Faith Fuel said...

Peace to you all today! Cause after the storm has passed there is a new revelation of how His peace was there all along, all through the storm.

Mike said...

But sometimes these challenges- these storms- come in with a roar and go out quietly.
How true! Thank you for that encouragement.